Still Life


Small Jewels



Tuscarora Truck

Tuscarora Truck was one of the watercolors I did as a result of an "artist's fieldtrip" to Elko and Tuscarora. Tuscarora is a Nevada town of 12 residents...6 of whom are artists. It is surrounded by an almost ghost town atmosphere of decaying cars, trucks, and buildings. I saw this truck rusting in the brush and could not resist painting it. Decaying old machinery brings to mind the passage of time and the fragility of life on earth. This piece will be showing for the second time in November at the Unitarian Church in Reno. It is a 15x22 watercolor selling for $500. Contact me at if you are interested.


Discovering a Hole in the Universe

I have shown this painting in a previous post, but am putting it up again because it just won a spot in North Light Books new book called AcrylicWorks 5 Bold Values. It will be featured in that publication on May 5, 2018. It is now shown at Artist's Co-op in Reno. It is for sale. Contact me at if you are interested in owning a prize-winning painting!


West of the Moon

This is the latest of the "Moon" series. I've done "East of the Moon", "Blue Moon Rising", and "Red Moon Rising". Now "West of the Moon". This piece has stamps of Indigenous images based on Nevada pictographs. It will be shown at the Artist's Co-op's "Rock Art" show benefiting the Nevada Rock Art Foundation...the people who travel around Nevada documenting Indian Pictographs. I am offering it for $800, 30% of which will go to the foundation. If you are interested, contact me at


Nocturne #1

"Nocturne #1" is one of my newest abstracts. It will be featured at Art Indeed! Gallery in June and July. It is watercolor on Arches 140 lb watercolor paper and measures 12 x 14. I'm asking a reasonable $375 for it, framed of course. If you are interested, contact me at


Red Moon Rising


This is another one of my abstracts. It is part of a series of stamped and caligraphed pieces based on indigenous images. It is hanging at the Art Indeed! Gallery this month and next. I am asking $800 of this 22x30 mixed media acrylic on 140 lb Arches watercolor paper.