Still Life


Small Jewels




Welcome to the studio of Tricia Poulos Leonard. Here you will find my current work as well as information about where to see and purchase my paintings. I hope you enjoy looking at the paintings I have created that reflect the thoughts, feelings, and observations about the world we live in.

I have recently relocated from the San Francisco East Bay to Reno, Nevada. I have found Reno to have a vibrant artistic community and am continuing my painting in my studio and plein air in the Nevada mountain atmosphere.

I have expanded my interest in painting to an interest in creativity in general. I have been certified as a Creativity Coach by Eric Maisel, author and lecturer in the area of artistic creativity. I work with other artists to encourage their creative aspirations and help them through the blocks that often keep creative people from reaching their full potential.

 I practice what I preach by keeping my own creativity alive and active through daily painting. My artwork ranges from representational and impressionist paintings to abstract. My subject matter varies from landscapes or cityscapes to abstractions of people and animals. I use watercolor, acrylic, collage materials, colored pencils and a variety of other media.I love to explore the limits of working on a flat surface and creating something from my imagination.

Each week I add a new painting and comment on its inspiration or creation in my weekly blog. I also have a page of articles I have written about art and  pages announcing workshops or shows I am featured in. I invite you to come back often to see what I am doing.